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    How much fun am I having with all this digital stuff! Lots of fun I can tell much so, here's another...

    This one is called 'Hazy End'. I sometimes get the feeling that some days end in a haze. I sit & wonder what happened to me. The impact I had on others. What impact others had on me. I'm not quite sure. It all just really happened without knowing why or how.

    The digital pieces I am doing are very much an extension of the painted art I do. I've decided to sell a few of these digital pieces of art in my etsy shop. They're a nice intimate size. 6" x 4".

    I am in a really good place with my art at the moment. I am really loving it. It is making me feel incredibly at peace. It's the only part of my life at the moment that is calm & that is just for me. Which I like. It's how it's suppose to be. I enjoy running around after my son. Working. Keeping busy. But then I need some stillness. My stillness is my art



    Sometimes what we say is not what we mean & what we mean is not what we say - that's why I paint!

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