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    OK! That's it!! Enough is enough! I AM going to lose weight and get fit! I saw the practice nurse yesterday (for one of those horrid 3 yearly visits - yuck!) and when I stepped on the scales I nearly threw up. I'm not going to mention numbers but it's enough to know that I'm creeping steadily towards the next highest one. My BMI means I'm in the 'health at risk' category. So I've decided to stop the rot.

    To kick start it all off I'm going to try and kill myself by doing a charity walk. St Giles Hospice is the local hospice that helped look after dad in his final weeks. They provided a fantastic 'at home' service which meant he could stay in his own house with 'normal' life going on around him, grandkids running around and so on, right up until the end. In a similar vein to the Breast Cancer Research Moonwalk, last year St Giles started a Solstice Walk on the night of the 21st/22nd June. This year, their second, the theme is 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', so hundres of women dressed as fairies will be walking the streets of Lichfield. What a perfect opportunity for me - raise money for the hospice, do some serious exercise and dress up! My registration pack is in the post. Just got to start thinking up a costume. Puck do you think?....

    I have also been online looking at Weigh****chers. I've 'done' Slimming World twice before and the first time I lost loads, but I think now I kind of know their system and how to work it. The second time I cut corners, didn't stay for class and spent wods of cash only to lose about 3 pounds. So I reckon I should try WW as it's different. I can start there with a clean slate as a totally newbie. It's just a shame there's no class until next week. I want to go now while I'm all fired up.

    Crafty stuff later.


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    Good luck to you.
    Im 3 stone overweight.If you find calorie free chocolate please let me know.
    Let us know how things go.

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      good for you! WW is good, bcoz you can have whatever you like as long you keep to your points, the one thing i find when i di the diet thing is i want what i cant have, so WW solves this!

      hope it al goes well for ya!


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