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  • Toadstools

    1. Sunny Side Up, 2. Alice's perspective, 3. Fairy Lanterns, 4. Fly Argaric.jpg, 5. It's got polka dots!, 6. Stropharia aeruginosa
    I’m involved in Lucykate’s toadstool swap, so I’ve been looking on Flickr for inspiration (again!). My swap partner Mary has said her fave colours are blue and green, so I think I’m going to use the fairy lanterns (3rd image) as the basis for my design. Aren’t they such beautiful photos! I’ve spent over an hour looking at all the great pics of toadstools and fungi on Flickr today!!
    I will show off the final toadstool once it’s all finished, but you can see the toadstool swap group here - toadstool swap
    Thanks to TipTop for tagging me in her ‘circle of friends’ =D

    I need to tag this onto 4 other people now, so I’m simply going to give it to the 4 people whose blogs I probably read the most and that’s Samm, Ethel, Jelly Belly, and GlassKanvas

    And finally I’m not going to blog this, but check out these two pic (links) of my lovely Dd. =D
    Funky necklace
    Super cool tiara!!
    Hehe x

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    Mine was based on the Fly agaric..I sewed beads on for the dots and gave it a frill. I ought to take a picture of it really! I made 2 and sent one off last week to the good ol' US of A but not heard if she has it!