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change of blog & thinking about super powers!

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  • change of blog & thinking about super powers!

    I've been playing around with photoshop elements & I've changed my blog banner thing! It might stay for a while, it might not. I have a free trial of elements at the mo', so I'm having some fun playing around before I decide to buy anything. I love it so much more than photoshop cs3 that I also had a trial for. It's so much easier to use in comparison. I've also got rid of the dark page layout, with those annoying spots! I like the clean look of the plain white.

    * * * * * *

    My son is watching Ben 10, an American cartoon about a kid who gets an 'omnitrix' that can turn him into different aliens, which of course he uses to be a hero! My son has a 'toy' omnitrix and believes he is a super hero alien! Anyhow, this got me thinking about the programmes I watched when I was younger. I used to watch a programme called The Secret World of Alex Mack, She became contaminated with an experimental chemical & could turn her self into a silver liquid & could move objects. I think sometimes she glowed orange! I remember sitting watching this programme and thinking how amazingly cool it would be if I could turn into a silver liquid. Although I knew perfectly well that this would never happen, there was a tiny part of me that really believed that one day I might be able too!! lol!

    The naivity of being young, the care free worries, the innocence. I so appreciate these things in my son.

    I love those happy memories...



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