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  • Freaks!!

    It's official! My OH and my kiddie are freaks! They both have a headless imaginary friend which they play with behind closed doors! And what's more they aren't ashamed about it! Just look at those glowing happy faces...

    At least kiddie's has real hands tho'... You will see more of the bottles OH used for hands in a while. OH even has hose attachments for his. Does this mean is does the vacuuming? Does it heck!

    OK. The truth is... OH had a leak in his diving drysuit. The idea is the suit is completely watertight but he keeps getting soggy arms when he dives. Not good. So he decided to inflate it fully and see if he could find the hole, hence the hose and cylinder.

    The other mannequin was lying around as I spent all day yesterday photographing kiddie's old clothes for ebay. I got the dummy from college and the clothes look much better on it than just on a coathanger, however, it's a lot more faffing to keep dressing and undressing the dummy. She just doesn't cooperate! Won't put her arms in! So I gave up in the end and went back to hangers after all.

    This was all going on while I was posting on my blog yesterday. I turned round from the computer to see this black neoprene man lying on the floor! It looked so funny I had to take a few piccies.

    Well the next event in my social diary is another 40th fancy dress party. Saturday sees the arrival of the 'Spice Girls and Village People' bash for Ali. OH has his outfit all sorted - he's going as Scary Spice!! Don't ask... He has a whole leopard print ensemble, including a lovely pair of shoes. Hmm... This man is the MD of a company. He holds a responsible position. And on Saturday evening he will be wearing leopard print hold-ups.

    I, on the other hand, am a bit stuck as to what to wear. I think it's going to be Ginger - well she's the most voluptuous (to pinch artibliss's word) of them all. I couldn't get away with going as Posh, even with a wig. The obvious outfit is the Union Jack dress but the off-the-shelf ones are all a bit of the small side. I don't want to burst the seams half way through the night. SO mum has managed to get hold of 2 very cheap flags and I am currently in the throes of making a pattern from a shift dress I already have.

    Now I've started work I've just come across this picture in one of my folders. OK it's not the same as Geri's but it would have been a damn sight easier to make.

    Oh well... too late now. So far have chooped up an old sheet to make a toile. Unfortunately my dressmaking mannequin is too small now so I'm having to make the mock-up then tweak it before cutting into the flags. Why do I do these things? It's not like I haven't got anything else to do.

    Those bottles I mentioned earlier, the ones stuffed into the cuffs of OH's drysuit, well they contain or rather contained this new discovery which we could both quite cheerfully drink like pop. OK I'm going to say one of those really dumb things now. Blonde warning!! I don't like normal cider cuz it tastes too apple-y. This stuff OTOH is flippin' luvverly. And it's on offer at Tesco's at the mo.

    BTW they were in the drysuit to seal the cuffs. He's good at thinking laterally that bloke. hehe

    Right - just before I take kiddie a few blatant pictures. First off some handmade dolls. These are from the website that I have listed at the bottom left - Apolline a Paris. How gorgeous are these? I realise I haven't posted anything very crafty for a few days so I thought I'd pop this little baby in to keep you going. I will finish a WIP soon then you can see a photo.

    Next up - blatant cuteness. Little Nev bear off the telly. I bought this little beanie for my little one nephew's birthday. It says 'Excuse me' and 'Can't scare me'. He is obviously based on a sock monkey design but is still a little sweetie.

    And finally blatant phwoar!!! There is nothing, in my humble opinion, better than a room-temperature Cadbury's Flake. Please do not lick the screen. ;0)

    More...[email protected]/

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    Now that's what I call CRUEL!!


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      love your dolls hope your ginger spice dress turns out great im sure it will look forward to seeing the pictures of you and hubby in outfits flakes not my favorite if it had been a bounty i would of licked the screen
      Jan xx


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        You are very very very mean


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            I agree with you about the pear cider, I had some a while ago and it was really good.

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