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  • New things on Etsy..

    ...and a sneaky peek of things to come! I spent most of yesterday making and taking photographs of tags (in among attending to my family you understand!). I have a new set of tags up on Etsy at the moment.

    Little alien ink blot tags - I love making these as they are all individual and each is a little personality of it's own! The ink blot alien disco ACEO's are going up to Etsy soon too.

    Some other new things I have added to Etsy are these recycled cuffs - made from the cuffs of jumpers and vintage buttons!

    Again I enjoyed making these and it uses up lots of the vintage buttons I have in my crafty room.

    And the sneaky peek of things coming up on Etsy soon - some Lego tags that I made using Matt's old Lego box. He came through after he had sorted the Lego out into a big plastic box and asked if I wanted it - I nearly bit his hand off!!

    Cool eh? Hopefully up on Etsy soon - the photo's are ready to go thanks to a new uploader that Matt found for me but just have to find the time!

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