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Diary of a strop and poorly wrists

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  • Diary of a strop and poorly wrists

    Well all that gardening the other day really did for my wrists - ouch. My family has dodgy wrists and ankles at the best of times so chopping a hedge down for an hour and a half probably wasn't the best thing I could do on Tuesday! They are getting better but still aren't right so I'm trying not to type too much as that hurts it. Lifting the girls isn't easy either! I must leave the heavy gardening work to Matt - sounds good to me!

    Anyway, I put the girls in the bath before tea on Tuesday and once I'd got them out I went downstairs to get a vest for Tara. I came back up to a naked Tara in wellies - it was quite amusing as you might gather! I'm not going to put the photo on here but if you are in my friends and family group on Flickr then you can see it there. Anyway, the point to that story is that I had the camera with me and witnessed a Tara strop when I found her trying to draw on the walls (she didn't because I got there just in time!) So here is the diary of a strop!

    She's helping Anya so she won't see what I'm doing!

    Ah, she caught me. Quick, throw the pen on the floor and look innocent!

    But Mummy, I'm cute - don't shout at me!

    I was only being creative!

    But Mummmmmmmy!

    She just doesn't understand - I'm creative!

    I need a cuddle now!

    Bless her, she was very tired and we hadn't even had tea! It's what being out in the fresh air does for you. I do have crafty things to show but I can't until the weekend as I can't take pictures of my own wrists! And I have a new toy!! I'm going to show one of the things to my friend Ruth tomorrow and get her opinion and if she likes (which she'd better!) then I will show you all. Anya's school is closed today as it's used as a polling station for the local elections, so we are going to try to get the craft room finished - hahahaha!

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    how cute and you caught her just in time i caught my grandaughter tearing a loose bit of wallpaper she put the piece in her pocket to hide the evidence
    Jan xx


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      Love it!

      That`s little girls for you!

      Hope the wrists are better! About 15 years agao I had to defer my music degree final exams because of RSI in both wrists. It was absolute agony but never had a problem since I began going to Alexander Technique lessons. I realised I was holding things all wrong and gripping far too hard on everything.


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        Don't talk to me about sore wrists, i had RSI in my right (scooping) wrist the year before last, it was really painfull, had to wear a support it even woke me up at night!!
        It's a lot better now probably got used to it and also got different scoops you wouldnt believe the difference that would make!!
        I hope no one is laughing at this by the way it's very serious Hahah
        On a really busy day we have to alternate the scoopers so they can have a break from it!! Sometimes you just want to get in the kitchen and wash up instead haha!!
        Hope yours are ok now, i'm full of sympathy as i know how it feels!!