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do your children have eye problems?, eye patch tutorial

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  • do your children have eye problems?, eye patch tutorial

    this isn't strictly a new blog post, but i thought i'd post it here as it may be useful. my daughter has bad eyesight and a squint, we've been patching for the last 9 months, which i'm pleased to say has worked, her weak eye is much stronger now. she found the sticky patches given to us by the hospital uncomfortable, so i came up with this idea, a make your own felt eye patch,


    i've since had quite a few emails from people who have spotted these eye patches out and about, but the most impressive comment left is...

    "You're going to be famous in Cuba! In a couple weeks I'm going down with our church group, and I had been asked to bring the stick-on patches for four kids in their neighborhood. I hated to bring something that could only be used once and thrown away.

    So I took your wonderful directions, translated them into Spanish, added the photos (which are really helpful) and will bring them, together with an assortment of felt and decorations. Folks can make many many of their own. Thanks, see how your goodness spreads all over!"

    how amazing is that?!
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    that is amazing my grandaughter has a slight squint but the her gp hasnt even refered her yet to a spe******t and shes 3 in july im a little conserned about this as my brother and my dad both had corrective surgery for theres when they were young and so didnt bother them again in later life
    Jan xx


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      Wow what a fantastic idea. My son had a squint when he was younger - kept messing around when he was reading so thought I would teach him a lession and took him to the opticians who then referred us to Hospital and found out he is very short sighted!!! He never had to wear a patch as he was quite good at "putting his eye back" when shouted at!!

      These patches are really good - there must be a market for them!!

      The Soap Fairy xx