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  • Decadence is.......

    ..........having children in bed by 6.30 and being in your own pajama's too with a cup of fruity tea by your side (a new indulgence!) reading blogs! Perfect I hasten to add that blog reading is work for me of course (searching out new things for Cuteable) just so you all don't think I'm slacking! And speaking of slacking I haven't done any crafting at all today. We have been out in the garden all afternoon because the weather has just been perfect. The girls played in the sandpit.

    I have turned this very top heavy hedge

    into this (don't look at the shrubs on the right!)

    And removed these little blighters from the guttering at the back of the house.

    I also got 1 and a bit loads of washing dry - fabulous! I love it when it's nice outside although I have caught the sun today and my forehead is a bit sore.

    Oh and in other news I received a lovely card yesterday from Crafty Jan on the forum to say thank you for the swirls I sent to her. I love how she has used the swirls here.

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    glad you liked the card and that it arrived in one piece
    Jan xx


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      I'm jealous - kids in bed by 6.30 - gone are the days when we had "adult time" in the evenings.

      Jealously number 2 - sun - what is that - we had rain rain rain today

      The Soap Fairy xx


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        Kids in bed for 6.30? That concept just does not exist im my household. It took nine long long years before my son actually slept a whole night through!