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Good post. Bad poster.

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  • Good post. Bad poster.

    Oh I'm just useless!!! I've forgotten to put a title on the last two blog posts and have broken the CF again. Really sorry Mr Media. I'm on my last warning so I really, really must remember.

    Oh well.... On a happier note I had some fab post this morning. Three parcels to be exact. OK so it's quite obvious what one of them is... While I can't live the reality (yet), I can read the magazine and dream of living by the sea. I shall also be living there temporarily, for the weekend at any rate, as we're going to see my sis this weekend. Yippee!!

    The other two are a bit more mysterious. One of my parcels of felt that I won on eBay had already arrived, so what else was I waiting for?.....

    Ah ha! Three fat quarters of fabric. Also an eBay win. They are for a project I am planning but it's a secret. I will post hints and snippets as I go, but you will have to wait and see the finished result.

    And the other parcel?

    It's from my blog buddy Wardi (Carina). She was offering these off-cuts of felt the other day so I snapped them up. I don't yet know what for but they will adorn some dolly or other shortly, I'm sure. As a surprise she also sent me some of the actual cut-out shapes too, and the postcard is one of her illustrations. Ooh I do love it when it's not all DL manilla envelopes that come through the letterbox. Thanks so much you lovely lady. Take a lookie at her blog and her etsy shop. She has some gorgeous, happy-making stuff. You look at it and can't help but smile.

    Ooh. Some fab news to tell. I will soon be appearing on a new website, courtesy of incywincy. She is having a revamp of her website and wants to sell my felt/silk brooches. Woo hoo! I have been looking through my stash of silk ribbon this afternoon and I have loads of ideas for designs. Can't wait to get started.

    Hope you've had a Happy St George's Day. Off to MiL's for dinner, hence the quickie.

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