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  • Mugshot.

    Last week Carina (who's blog I love) decided to kick off with a little meme type thing. Every day we have to post a picture of a mug in our possession and a mug we would love to own.

    I forgot yesterday - oops! - so here are two day's worth in one go.

    This is my first-one-of-the-day-coffee mug. Nice and strong and one sugar, thanks.

    This is an Emma Bridgewater I Love... mug. I used to have a Beetle which I sadly sold just after Evie was born, and I've missed it ever since :0(. Maybe one day I'll get another but in the meantime I would love this mug as a stop gap (even tho' my bug was bright green).

    This is the mug I've just had a cuppa in with my lunch. It actually belongs to OH. He is addicted to Walnut Whips and this mug came with a WW Easter egg last year. (Lunch was a ham buttie if anyone's interested :0)...)

    hehehe Just found this while Googling mugs. I love Dr Suess books and so does Evie. The drawings are just great as well as the stories. The best stories are the Sneetches and Daisy-Head Maizy, but we also love the foot book. We both know it off by heart. Altogether now,

    "Left foot, right foot, left foot, right.
    Feet in the day. Feet in the night......"

    More...[email protected]/

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    I love the Dr Suess one, my Jakey would love that to have his hot choccie in while read Cat in The Hat for the millionth time!
    With love
    xx pixiedoodles


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      my favorite mug says you cant scare me im a nanny my daughter brought it for me last mothers day
      Jan xx