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A better day!!

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  • A better day!!

    Well I finally managed to sort the workroom out a bit, i've given myself some clear space and I have a list of things to do.....but sorted into boxes so I can work on one thing at a time.

    During my grand tidy up I came across a few little treasures that I had forgotten about. one was this lovely little kimono, I made this on one of the doll conventions that I attended a few years ago, but as usual I didn't get it finished then and it has been laid away unfinished since. I have a little doll in mind for this and I intend to finish this with a little obi and make a Japanes doll to go with some of the others that I have.

    I also came across this little sewing bag that I made as a Southern Belles project some years ago. I would like to tweak my own design a bit and make a few sewing sets.....somebody might like them enough to buy one!!

    The best news is that confirmation of my place at the UFDC convention in Las Vegas has arrived! My daughter and I are going to have the holiday of a lifetime, hopefully the flights will be confirmed soon and we're all set......but to the competition. one of the sections is for costuming so i have to enter. This little doll is an antique K*R 126 he needs a new costume of his watch this space and see what I come up with, I know what I would like him to look like......

    And finally the challenge from Kipper Workshops through Crafts Forum....the box has arrived, Steve would like us to decorate the box in our own style and report back exactly what we did....I've got a good idea for this I think.........

    Oh what fun.....better get round to sorting out more often!!


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    Beautiful dolls

    You amaze me with the dolls faces!!! They are gorgeous!!! What a holiday!!! I bet you can't wait!!!! Well done!!! Sue xx