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  • Goodies Galore!!!!

    Well here it is! THE prize draw of ethel and ednas first ever giveaway. Thought I'd be a little bit different and record the actual proceedings to show that everything was all above board. So play the video to see who the lucky winner is....

    (Techno gremlins have meant problems with playing this video - so you have two choices - hopefully one of 'em will work. Huh!! Me and my bright ideas!!!)


    Evie - herself
    The Narrator - Lindsey (edna)
    Musical Score - Mikey (OH)

    Here is the photographic evidence....

    Yippee!!! Well done incywincy. I will send you a PM to discuss options before finally posting a picture of your prize, and your prize to you of course.
    Thanks everyone else who entered. It was fab to receive all your comments and to know that you are all out there reading my waffle. I just wish I could send something to everyone, but that way I will never make any stock for an etsy shop :0)!!!

    So here is the next little doll from the 'Frenchie' pattern. This time I have stuffed her arms and legs and she has wool roving for hair which I've needlefelted into her head - ouch!! I don't think she minded too much. I'm still working on the dress design. This does seem to be my undoing at the mo but I have another idea for the next one. Keep watching for the next instalment...

    As I said, I failed to get anything ready for the 2nd Annual Softies Awards (2ASA). Here is my last minute I-really-want-to-enter-something-so-I'll-make-something-dead-quick project. As it was one of the categories with the fewest entries I decided to go for 'Embroidered to Death'. My plan was to make a sock monkey (cuz I can do 'em quite quick) and to absolutely plaster him in embroidery. The (slightly warped) twist was that he was going to be dead!! See - 'Embroidered to Death', eyes shut, arms folded across chest. A bit sick I know but I thought it was quite clever. (Sorry Vicious Chicken, if you read this.) To try to make up for this I was going to call him Joe (oh-oh, now I start to write this it seems a bit convoluted). Firstly for my little nephew cuz he loves monkeys and he's a Joe, and second after the song by The Cult - Resurrection Joe (is the light starting to dawn yet?). After the 2ASA I was going to redo his eyes and bring him back to life! Ta dah!!! "Resurrected Munkeh"!!
    Anyhoo I changed my mind halfway up his legs as you can see. He just looks like he's got nice socks on at the moment!! Think he's going to be consigned to the Bag of Half-Finished Sock Monkeys for now. Maybe one day he'll get his ears stitched on.

    So what is this then?....


    </span>No. It's not my entry for the 'Picnic Food' category in the 2ASA. Altho' it does look a bit like a roast chicken.





    </span>Try again.....


    </span>Looking more recognisable now?


    </span>Yeah! It's four new Sillies.

    This is them in their limp, unstuffed state. This evening they will attain their lovely squishy plumpness, and then the fun bit begins. Stitching!!! I've been shopping today so I've got lots of new goodies to play with to embellish them and bring them to life.

    Two new colours of wool for hair from Acorns Hospice shop. Some decent black thread for eyes from The Tales Press. Then I topped up my stock of other thread colours cuz the Sewing Machine Shop is selling off their stock of Gutermann threads.

    Also from the hospice shop I got this HUGE piece of orange cotton fabric for £2.
    I'm going to have a play with this - cutting it on the bias and fraying it to make hair. Don't know why but I have a 'thing' about orange hair at the moment.

    Super bargain from Acorns - a pair of Laura Ashley curtains for Evie's room for £6.50! And they fit!!!

    These little goodies were 95p each and the top one is a Pilgrim necklace. I love Pilgrim jewellery.

    Phew! What a haul!! I also bought two sewing books from The Works. One is the real basics of dress making but has 20 patterns in which could come in handy, and the other is making kids clothes but again with some nice patterns. They were £3 each. What a thrifty girl I am! I do love a good bargain hunting session but I really needed my "4-wheeled steed" 'cause all those books were getting a bit heavy.
    I feel I've got a lot of catching up to do; like I haven't posted for ages.... I think it's actually only a couple of days. Let's see what has happened?
    News in brief.....
    *Maria (belly dancing teacher) LOVED her three-in-a-bed cake. She also loved the doll (despite my concerns to contrary - BDB assures me that she was really raving about it - in a good way).
    *I "did myself a mischief" at the class on Thursday. I have pulled a muscle. A large muscle (VERY large in my case). My left gluteous maximus (bum cheek or buttock to translate into the vernacular). Ouch!!! I limped back home with my shopping today. What a wreck I am!!!
    *On Friday I went to Newlife again. I will save the pics of my goodies purchased from there 'til another, less exciting day.
    *My pink hair is now looking like candy floss, in colour rather than texture. So, having consulted with my stylist (Evie), I have bought a blonde dye to try to cover it up. Hey the next party is only a few weeks away! What colour can I go this time?
    Well I think I shall leave it there for tonight or you will get bored with such a long post. I'll save the rest for tomorrow. Just to whet your appetites - coming up in tomorrow's post:
    *pictures of a previously unseen doll
    *competition info
    *kids' toys today.

    More...[email protected]/