How weird! I am beginning to realise that people are reading my blog (I am now number 217 on Crafty Blogs - woop woop!!), but I hadn't twigged until today that 'real' people do (if you know what I mean?). My Belly Dancing Buddy was going on about my blog today (and the fact that her photo had appeared in it - oops! sorry love - knew you wouldn't mind). I had forgotten that my OH has added a blog link to my email sig and that's where BDB had found it from. It just seems strange. I sit here merrily typing away not thinking about who's on the other end reading this garbage :0) - until now not anybody I knew previously... I'll try not to let it change me.

Well Frenchie mk III is well on the way. She has stuffed arms and legs this time, which is MUCH better. Her head is a bit firmer and her eyes are beads not French knots. She is all joined together and has hair. All she's waiting for is a frock which I will do tomorrow.

Mark 3 doll before her hair grew.

I have also been working on an unknown creature as I had a rush of blood to the head and felt I'd like to enter the Second Annual Softie Awards on Flickr. The 5 categories are Pink or Plaid, Elephant Tribute, Picnic Food, Cutest Face and Embroidered To Death. I am now trawling through my Flickr pics to see if I have anything suitable for entering. Talk about leaving it 'til the last minute - the deadline is midnight tomorrow!!!! Would anyone take a pea on a picnic???

Ooh ooh. Exciting!! I have two little babies listed on Craftjuice at the moment. It's not a competition, but if you'd like to take a look and cast a vote if you like them I'd be very grateful. They've done pretty well so far on their own but every little bit helps Lola and Maria's Doll. Thanks.
I have branched out slightly today, dabbling in sugar craft for a change. It is Maria's (belly dancing tutor - she of The Party) actual birthday today and we have class tonight. So Julia and I have bought a cake and decorated it for her.

As you can see Maria is one of the many hoards of David Tennant fans. She is also rather partial to a bit of Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt from Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes/etc), though which bit I wouldn't like to say. When we asked her what she wanted for her birthday she asked for these two blokes so we've done the best we can in the circumstances. :0) Dressing up - dancing - cake - pub - what a night I have in prospect!!!