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One of those days - and weigh in!

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  • One of those days - and weigh in!

    You know it's going to turn out to be one of those days when you are woken at 2.30am by your elder daughter climbing into bed and she proceeds to wriggle for another hour after that! After a severe telling off she went back to sleep but then her sister started!! Anyway I woke up with a massive headache which I'm positive is a migraine as my teeth and face hurt too which tends to mean (with me anyway) that it's a migraine. Anyway, enough of the woes! I weighted myself and I'm down to 12st 4 which is down on last week. It's not a great deal over the past 3 (?) weeks I have been doing it and I'm sure I could loose more each week but to be honest doing it like this is working well for me!

    I had a lovely surprise through the post yesterday - an ATC from the lovely Jennyflower. She was one of the ladies I sent my swirls too and she re-payed me with this little beauty. Isn't it fabulous?
    Once my craft room is sorted (it's slowly getting there) then it will have pride of place on one of my shelves. And I finally finished one of the felt brooches yesterday and I'm pleased with how it's come out. What do you think??

    I was nearly finished with the magazines in the front room but guess what I found upstairs this afternoon? Yep, another box of magazines waiting to be turned into envelopes! At least these ones have mostly been trimmed so they only need putting into the correct boxes!

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    Lovely buttons

    Love those and what a lovely ATC! I didn't know people sewed them!!!! Sue xx