... I am now anyway. Bottle of Stella at my side and my weekly dose of 'Hey Nonny Nonny' on the radio (the Mike Harding Show on Radio 2 - folk, roots and acoustic). See - not just a punk girl am I?
Today has been a bit frenzied to say the least. Started off with the alarm NOT going off. We woke up at 8.30 in a mad panic and that threw me for the rest of the morning. Lost my phone too, then when I found it it wouldn't work. Grr! Technology!!
I was meant to be going to J4 of the M42 to meet BIL, big one nephew and mum, and bring mum home. It took them ages to get out of Torbay let alone reach Solihull so, having an hour or so to kill, I went to help my mate and one-time tutor Ian Cook hang his exhibition at Solihull Gallery. His work is fab and not a little mad. He makes massive hanging sculptures from plastic waste and cars and stuff. He also does what he calls 'auto drawings' using poster pens and remote controlled cars. These have caused a lot of controversy with comments from the public such as 'this is not art' and 'anyone could do that'. But I think they're really clever. Take a peek and see what you think.
Anyhoo. They phoned me eventually, so the parent was duly handed over and we drove back home to Blighty.
And now here I am back home myself.
It's going to be a quickie today as I have not actually done anything worthy of blogging really. I started another Frenchie doll, but this time not rushing her. You may get to see her tomorrow.
Doh!! I knew there was something fairly significant to report! Julie McCullough has got back to me. She's the lady whose pattern I use as the base for my belly dancers. Well, she says that in all her other patterns she gives permission for 20 to be made and sold per year. She says I can do the same and if I went a few over the 20 she wouldn't be too upset. All I have to do is acknowledge that I used her pattern when I sell them. WOOHOO!!! Now I have no excuse. It's all systems go, go, go! And I think I'd better do one for my friend Beadsage fairly quickly (lol!).
If you click on the link to her website check out the section called 'Tweaking'. In it you can see what another group of people have done with the Poptops pattern. No belly dancers.
Oh! one more thing I meant to do is remind everyone about the doll swap on Mee Crafty's blog. You've got until Saturday to sign up. And of course, there's still time to enter my giveaway, and incy's, both also close on Saturday 19th. Good luck xxx