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Better late then never!

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  • Better late then never!

    Sorry i haven't posted for a while, but I have been having problems logging in Last Saturday, 5th April, I had my first craft fair this year, held at St Michael's Church, Bath with Apple Tree Fairs.

    I met some lovely people as well as people from the Craft Forum.

    Here's a picture taken of my stall using my mobile (hence the*quality!)

    My Jewellery Stall
    As you have probably noticed, a lot of my pictures I have been taking *have been a bit "blue". I thought it was my photo taking ability! But last week I bought a light tent!*

    After getting it out of the round zip up bag, and having it 'explode' in my face! I set it up, couple of daylight lamps all set up I was on the way to taking some lovely pictures..... i thought.*

    After an afternoon of grumbling at my shoddy blue camera work, i tested the camera by borrowing my Mums camera.*Unfortunately, the camera dosnt have *a macro button, but just taking one picture, out of focus, proved that there was*in fact*something wrong with my camera!!!!!

    Out comes the Argos*catalogue! Voila... I am now *very proud owner of this camera!!

    My New PINK Camera!*
    (picture from

    Now I have really cool pictures! Im still learning about 'exposure', and all the different functions of the thing, but I'll get there.

    I have added all the pictures I have taken to my*site

    Thats all for now. Ill update soon with hopefully some new jewellery.

    Av xx
    Sprinkles Sparkles