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  • Oooopps!

    I'd not realised that it had been quite so long since I last posted - sorry! I have been busy but just not sorting the craft room! It's still a tip although time has been put aside this week to get it finished. It would be simple if I was just tidying it but I'm going through each and every item and checking to see if I am going to use it again and whether it will be going to friends or end up being sold. And as you can see by the previous photo's there is an awful lot of stuff to get through!! I have also undertaken the mammoth task of rearranging this little lot into useable piles!

    In case you are wondering what it is (!) it's my pile of magazine pages waiting to be turned into envelopes. It used to be a nightmare to wade through if a customer asked for a particular type of magazine i.e. comic or wedding. I'm now sorting them into the appropriate piles and then trimming the edges so they are ready and waiting to be turned into envelopes. However as there are about 1,000 pages there it is taking a while. I'm about 80% of the way through and it's looking a lot better - and I've got pretty coloured boxes to put them all in with fancy labels to go on the front!

    I'm also working on some new brooch ideas that was inspired by a trip to the scrapstore a couple of weeks ago. They had these fab felt circles that are the perfect size for brooches and they will be 'blinged' up with buttons. I'm hoping to get one sewn tomorrow while we are at my mums so hopefully pics soon!

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