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    A somewhat strange title for a blog post – but Bibby & Bobby are in fact Emma’s two imaginary elephant friends! She talks to them (or about them) at random times throughout the day and yesterday, whilst walking to the post office, she told me a lovely little story about Bibby & Bobby. I nearly cried at the detail she went into about there little adventure to the library in town, via BigW, the cake shop and the toy shop!
    Then when we got home this scrummy fabric had arrived in the post …
    Cute Japanese elephant print fabric

    So when I started making some buttons with it I immediately thought it best to name the little elephants Bibby & Bobby just for Emma ….
    So here are Bibby & Bobby the Button Bobbles!

    Em loves them – It’s just unfortunate that she won’t keep any hair accessories in for longer than 2 minutes!! So these ones are now listed in my Tuggle shop.
    And talking of Emma – I couldn’t believe it today when I was looking through our many photos of her. Here is a picture from mid April last year ….. (Taken 15/04/07)

    It was a scorcher of a day! We even had to place some chairs next to the paddle pool to protect Em from the sun.
    … And remember the pics from last weekend HERE. (5/04/08)

    What a difference! Come on sun, we want to start planting some seeds up and doing a bit of gardening.
    p.s - Happy Birthday Bro. xx

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