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  • Views of my craft room!

    WARNING - it's not pretty!!! This is before the tidy up and sort out. Please note that the tidy up and sort out hasn't officially started yet although it will do soon! First images of my desk.

    This last one shows the desk and the doorway leading out to the corridor - which can be seen below!

    Next up the sofa - which you can't really see under all the stuff piled on it!!

    Next up the shelves which really do need a serious clean up and sort out!!

    So I have a bit of work cut out for me over the next two weeks! Plus this doesn't show the boxes of finished items in the utility room (left since my last fair before Christmas!) and the bags of things at the bottom of both sets of stairs waiting to come up. Oh and the two boxes of papers ready to be made into envelopes in the front room along with about 4 other bags of things - and the sewing machine and other bits in the dining room!

    Better get off here and get to work!! The photo's with accompanying notes will be going up on my Flickr later - in case you want to leave nice messages about how it's really not that messy

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    Just shows that you are too busy to tidy up! Let's face it, if you have a clear out you will find "new homes" in "safe places" for things and then you won't have a clue where the "safe places" are as they are that safe even you can't find them. Better to tiptoe round everything.

    (I have this trouble whenever I tidy up!).

    Good luck with the tidying up when you start!
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      very artistic!!
      I have the same issues here in my creative mess!

      I'm currently trying to work out how to make my work room tidier, It also doubles as the dining room!
      I'm getting more and more brides coming round and they don't expect to walk into my mess. I'm thinking about some curtains to slide accross the mess.
      It's really not realistic to think that crafters can be tidy!
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        lol! wow, that is some workspace!! look how much stuff you have! How cool.

        I still have to get mine out everyday & put it all back away again when i'm done!


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          Great area.

          Do you have a few 'you never know areas?'

          Messy space = tidy mind.


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            JJJJJeeeezzz how do u find anything.... mind you my mum winges at me likkeee crazzzyyyy she just doesnt get it ........ it takes you forever to make sumthing your really proud off and by the time your finished you look at the time,..... and its bedtime..... soooo its left for another day ! and that day just never comes !


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              It is looking slightly better today although everything that you see on the floor is still on the floor but I have sorted lots of books and some paper out - oh and some magazines! I've also brought down lots more fabric and my kids party stuff (not done one for ages) is all in the eaves storage! Tip Top has a big bag of stuff that she is getting - even if she doesn't want it - and I have a big pile to go to the charity shop and tip! Phew!! And I'll be back doing it tomorrow too! Might get a bit of time where I don't have the kids running around at the weekend but I doubt it!
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                I am so glad I'm not the only one with a messy craft room.

                OOhh Swirly do you have anymore of those little bits of fabric we did a swap with a while back. I said I would post a pic of what I did with them so here they are.

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                  Oh ' I sad!
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                    I can only dream of having a designated craft space. Even though you may have some sorting to do i am sooooooooo jealous

                    I have to use a corner of the dining table which is also my I would so love to come and sort your room out as i love organizing and sorting and i'm forever re arranging the little space i have. I would be in my glory amongst all that heehee.
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                      Originally posted by EMEvans View Post
                      I would so love to come and sort your room out as i love organizing and sorting and i'm forever re arranging the little space i have. I would be in my glory amongst all that heehee.

                      You can come and sprt mine if you want!


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                        Ha Ha Ha HA!!!! Wonderful!! Makes me look tidy!!!! Sue xx ' Come on now children, tidy up time' ha ha ha ha Oh my tum is hurting!!!!!!Put it all behind the xxx


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                          Seeing these pics makes me feel a whole lot better! Unbelieveably, I appear to be a bit tidier than some of you, which is something my husband would never believe!

                          Mind you - what excuse can I use for my bedroom looking like a jumble sale at the moment?

                          Sorting clothes into colours I can do.
                          Washing I can do.
                          Drying I can do.
                          Taking upstairs I can do.
                          Putting away in drawers and wardrobe?

                          I saw this word on Swirly's blog a while ago ... my bedroom is my "floordrobe" !!
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                            All these pics have made me hoot with laughter - what brilliant 'creative messes' (like that term) and I realise I am not as messy as I thought either.

                            Peter - when I went to look at your pic somehow I expected your space to be ultra tidy .... maybe you have to be a little OCD to work with such precision and all those tiny beads


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                              photos of me and my daughters craft room couldnt attach them to this post so ive put them on my blog along with my atcs and fairy pendants
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                              Jan xx