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Strange Weather and Pom Poms

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  • Strange Weather and Pom Poms

    Yesterday was April showers – Today snow! It looked like January outside this morning when we got up. Daddy and Em decided to get out quick before it all disappeared to made a little snowman …
    Rolling balls of snow at 9AM this morning...

    Nearly finished - Just needs a mouth and hat...

    ... All finished - Snowman with flowerpot hat
    … & with the rain non-stop yesterday I decided to make some Pom Poms with Em. It took a while to get going but here is the end result. She didn’t want me to trim the edges as she said she liked it all ‘sticky out’!

    The Pom Pom was made with cream wool and thin strips of pink and cream fabric. I then added the beads to the centre and a felt flower and brooch pin on the back, so that Em can give it to Nana )
    I made a larger one, but it's a bit too big to make into a brooch. So it's currently sitting on my 'half finished projects' pile.
    Useful links – If you make a lot of Pom Poms get yourself one of these Pom Pom makers. They’re great and do it twice as fast.

    More... - Fabric buttons, button supplies and handmade accessories

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    lovely photos love the pompoms
    Jan xx


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      Love the Snowman and gloves, your daughter looked like she was having great fun. I just love the pompom brooch.