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  • Revolver (15) (The Herald)

    Guy Ritchie single-handedly resurrected the British crime movie and gave the ever-ailing UK film industry a shot in the arm with his debut Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.


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    I havnt seen Revolver yet.

    I loved Swept Away, but I cant see die hard Ritchie fans flocking to see it as its a completely different type of film.Its a love story, not a love of money story.
    Ther was nothing wrong with Swept Away that a little re-editing couldnt do.It was very funny and heartbreakingly sad.I think Madonna was perfect for the role.

    Maybe people dont like Revolver because it didnt contain the usual cheeky humour that featured in Snatch, which, even being a girl, I enjoyed.
    Or maybe its not good because the viewers had to think har abut the script instead of it being played out before them.

    Im glad Guy bought back gangster films.Ok in reality gangsters are horrid people but in films they are cool.Im glad Guy has the guts to try something different.

    Just in case you were wondering im a huge Madonna fan and therefore feel protective of Mr Ritchie too.

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