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Cuff-link Business Start-up Jeweller wanted

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  • Cuff-link Business Start-up Jeweller wanted


    Apologies if I'm in the wrong place.

    I'm interested in starting a cuff-link business but I'm not a jeweller myself. I would be exceptionally grateful for any advice or suggestions.

    I would like to get cuff-links made in batches but I wouldn't have the capital nor the inclination to get an industrial run set up. I'm thinking of small-run, high-end quality not mass produced, mass market.

    I have two ideas I’d like to start with:
    1. A simple solid metal design, a stylised animal head.
    2. A piece of bone set into a simple metal frame.

    Could anyone suggest a ball-park for what Jewellers would charge to make a simple design in a non-tarnising metal, (precious metals not required). I guess a 100 pairs would be a start that if sold would lead to ongoing business?

    Can anyone recommend a typical non-tarnishing metal that would be suitable, I’m not looking to add value through the materials used rather something in a silver colour that isn’t expensive and that jewellers would be happy to work with.

    If my questions are the wrong questions please feel free to let me know what the right questions are if you know what I mean.

    Many thanks for any assistance and thank you for your patience.


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    Hi Ben,

    I have recently started making my own cufflinks in small batches and so will try and answer some of your questions. I'm not sure I can help you with pricing or anything at the moment though (I've only started by making 2 or 3 pairs as a trial for the time being).

    I started by buying cufflink blanks from Cookson Gold and gluing some Damascus steel and wood into the blank (see picbelow). These are rhodium plated (brass base material I believe). I quite like Cooksons as a supplier as they take care of some of the legislation (i.e. they give me a piece of paper stating that their items confirm with the REACH directive so I don't have to go and get them tested for Nickel, Lead and Cadmium myself which is something you will need to be aware of. Apparently it's on the off chance that a child swallows one!). They do sell some pre-finished cufflinks however they don't make items themselves. They do however have a forum that is full of small to medium craft makers and it may be worth posting in there. I am sure some-one could help!

    I would imagine that most people making items such as these for you would prefer to use silver or bronze as it can be cast fairly easily. Stainless is another option but I personally found it difficult to find stainless cufflink blanks. Plus they can be harder to join than silver or bronze.

    Hopefully I have been of some help to you!

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      You need to do some research to what metal you'd like to use. It can be stainless steel, base metal silver, gold or nickel plated etc. Also, to work out price, you'd need to decide what type of fittings are you going to use (swivels, chain links etc.).