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  • Leather Request / Advice Please?

    Hi everyone,

    Hope I'm in the the right place on here as I'm new to all this!

    I'm looking for someone in Lincoln to make some simple stitched items for my small business. They're basically strips of leather (1 1/2 cms wide x 8 inches long) and I need this thin reflective tape stitching on to them. They're for falconry lamping jesses (for flying hawks at night). I'b be happy to pay someone to make them.

    Also, can I use 1.0mm natural veg tan calf leather on my Delta NM 902-05 sewing machine, and if so, do I need any special gadgets for it to do this such as leather sewing needles, etc?

    Many thanks for looking!

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    Hi, I could probably make the jesses, but I'm not in Lincoln, it would need to be mail order, but if you don't (or haven't) found anyone in your area drop us a line!

    Regarding your Delta machine, it does look like a standard domestic and may not have the "punch" to get through 1mm veg tan, but you could try it I guess, calf leather is on the softer side, you'd need leather sewing needles (diamond tip).


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      Is this still required? Not me but my partner owns a small creative business based in Lincoln which can easily sort this out. She's forever on a sowing machine and hand crafting. This is right up her street.

      Pm me if you still in need.