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Bespoke Table Runners and Napkins - WANTED

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  • Bespoke Table Runners and Napkins - WANTED

    Hi folks,

    I have joined this forum in the hope of finding somebody who can manufacture some bespoke Table Runners & Napkins

    I am looking for the following.

    Qty x 15 Table Runners
    Black & White Zig Zag Pattern
    Cotton Material
    40" wide x 120" Long

    Qty x 120 Napkins
    Black & White Zig Zag Pattern
    Cotton Material
    Standard Napkin Size

    I hope somebody is able to assist me in this.
    The items are required for a 100 Year Party in June2015


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    Presumably you've seen all the black and white zig zag napkins made by craftsmen/women online? 120 of those are going to be expensive! Good luck in your search.

    ETA: I found this:
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      I would have loved to help you but as Mustard said it would be very expensive, you are looking at approx £750 for the fabric alone, if this sort of quantity could be bought from 1 supplier, talking approx 3 rolls of fabric. Making on top would be easily the same again, so you are looking at at almost £1500.00 for 1 party. May be better to go to a party supplier and ask if they can help but would bit be cotton more likely paper or ask a wholesaler if this can be outsourced but doubt you will find a handmaker within the UK.