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    I'm looking to have a dressing gown made. I've never had this done before so no idea on pricing etc. However, I do have an idea of what I want made, I can get all the raw materials if you want and then pay you for your time etc or you just give me a quote for the whole thing.

    I'm looking to have something like the attached.

    It's silk paisley with a quilted shawl collar and cuff (although I'm not to interested in the cuff being done like that), with (what I think are called) slash pockets. I like the cord and its tassels.

    As I say not sure what else, measurements: I'm a 36" chest but prefer a 38" for the looser feel and 5' 11" and I'd like it down to mid shin.

    Let me know if you think you can make it and we can discuss all the issues. Dressing gown.jpg

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    I saw gown's photo which you have provided here and i think you have selected a great gown. You can check out many companies online, they can provide you detailed instruction and can get a brief idea about amount and everything else.