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The Craft of Vehicle Customisation

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  • The Craft of Vehicle Customisation

    I know alot of folks here would probably not agree but i am a member of a forum that is all about customisation of any vehicle that has an engine. Every thing about it is aimed at things done in peoples shed or garage, It's nothing to do with an industrial sized venture, It's just blokes and girls in there shed.
    The crafts used in my other interest has many similarities to my interest here.
    For example - Fine art. Attention to detail. many different crafts in one project. And so on.

    all the w's dot

    Please take a look with an open mind and tell me what you think.
    I believe we all have alot in common, We all want to do some thing different and unique.
    Please pass the word.

    " 200 years of family tradition continued in the only way I know how. "

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    Being an old lady of a biker i can agree with you on the craftmenship that goes into building any kind of machine especially choppers and trikes. I think i have more pictures on my pc of bikes, and bike parts that are just outstanding in craftmenship, than i have of family members!