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    My first car (about 20 years ago now - frightening!) was a pale blue VW Beetle which was (I think) only about 2 years younger than me.

    Slow - yes. Prone to break down - yes. Cold and damp - yes. Rusting - yes. Would I have back now - most definately YES!

    When the children are grown and fled the nest, we'll buy a VW camper and drive off into the sunset ...

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      Originally posted by silverjewelleryworkshop View Post


      Good try, close, but not right.
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        Originally posted by Andyb View Post
        Thats ace. I have a late 70's bay and ive been into them for 20 years . I always like to see Different Interpretations of them and i think thats what got me into a lot of things with craft . I go to most shows still

        You should be checking out vwbusstop event

        I've been posting on Craftsforum for traders! Will be a great show!!


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          Andy, if you go onto the figaro forum, autosupplyuk, quite a few people on there also have vw's and if you do a search you should come up with a few really nice piccies. A number of us also have Pt Cruisers too. It's a nice forum, worth a look if you like the retro look...
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            I nagged my other half about one of these for ages.....I grew up with one, learnt to drive with one in Devon - called 'Poppy' - weirdly she was green! But it was like our beachhut on wheels and a lovely way to grow up.

            i had this idea about 'the bead bus' and getting into festivals free and selling my wares............

            but then we discovered that more in our budget was our retro little caravan - its called a rapido pop up!

            pictures are on my facebook page if you want to have a look in the personal album. Its very cute - have my first festivals with it coming up in September, so that should be great fun - we're doing some car boots next weekend in it as its so small it goes in the garage (but this relies on getting all the crud out of the garage!!)

            So, nearly there, and actually its more comfy, the bed is bigger than ours at home, and its more green so we're really chuffed with it!



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              Ive owned 2 campers and 2 beetles i sold my last project around 3 weeks ago she was a 1961 bug take a look on my flickr page


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                How on earth did I miss this post?? Admitedly we didn't have 'Bumble' then but.....

                We have a 1988 T25 VW campervan and we LOVE it. It's yellow and black - hence the name Bumble! - and we've just been away to the WV festival at Harewood House in Leeds. I had serious camper van envy but we won't be replaceing Bumble yet! If anyone hasn't seen Bumle then here is a link to some photos.
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                  I adore VW camper vans and want one so much, but at the minute have to make do with all things related. So far this year I my husband has bought me several prints, mug, magnet, big VW camper bus bank to save for one.

                  I have even made this as I like them so much. (ah cant insert image and wont letme upload so I have put a link here).


                  Hoping to hire one next summer for a week, although will have to save alot of pennies just for this.
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