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oh im a happy bunny!!!

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  • oh im a happy bunny!!!

    I dont belive it , my hubby actually let me get on and make some cards this weekend! he took kids out for day so i managed to make over 20 cards plus make a load of teddy toppers ready for making more cards,
    it was such a lovely day no MUM!!!!!!!!!! just as i was getting to a fiddly bit, no IM HUNGRY just as i was painting toppers, it was heaven glass of wine and sat in my craft room with my music on!
    trouble was at 6pm my heaven turned in to hell ! they came home .....LOL
    oh well i got the hols to look forward to a whole week in a caravan with hubby 3 kids and a dog!!!!!
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    wendy xx
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    sounds like you had a lovely day my girls are all grown up now i look after her on mondays and tuesdays i love having her but glad when shes gone home so i cant complain about me time especially as hubby goes away on fishing trips quite often so i can do what i want when i want we used to have a caravan and went away with 4 daughters hubby and dog it was great i miss it but time moves on and so do our interests
    Jan xx


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      I think it would take me 2 weeks of non stop working to make that many cards!

      And I very very rarely get any time to myself so I have to plan carefully for the detailed cards and the ones I need to think about for when the boys are in bed!

      Lucky you!


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        The holidays sound fantastic mrsH ! We used to go camping and I loved it- I am in a similar position to you now Jan with 2 grown up kids and 4 grandkids. I have all the time I need to spend working on my jewellery but sometimes that can go against production, whereas when you life is super busy you grab every opportunity for peaceful uninterrupted times.
        Chris xx
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