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Could I be anymore unlucky?

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  • Could I be anymore unlucky?

    Hi All,

    I'd like some sympathy please.... I have submitted my tax return.. first one I have ever done. My business in its first year with all the expenses was in the red for £500.....yet it turns out I owe them £400. Being underpaying on my day job. I'm gutted :-( I have now got to set a payment plan up.

    Violins out please....I've had a crappy day


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    Awwww that sucks!

    I lost money last year too but somehow I still have to make a student loan repayment of £750! By the end of the month too.....

    I'm feeling your pain x

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      Aww Rachael

      That's really rubbish, I'm so sorry to hear it. The answer to this problem is one of 3 things: cup of tea (to go with the sympathy), chocolate - or wine. Now, personally I'd go with the latter, but it's a matter of choice - avoiding this, go for all three!

      On a more serious note, I hope things look up for you this coming year.

      Good luck
      Emma x


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        What awful news - have you double checked that it is correct? I would definitely make sure your employers know about it - there may be others in the same position and you can also make yourself feel a little better by knowing that they know how hacked off you are that they got it wrong!

        Hope the rest of the week/month/year improves! Here's a hug to cheer you up a bit....

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          That's bad news! Are you p.a.y.e. in your day job? If so, how come it's all wrong?

          Have you checked that you do really owe the money? Have you checked that your tax code is correct?
          Annie and Lyn


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            I can't do anything, they need three days to look over my return then check it all at HMRC. However I can say all the figures I put in are definately correct, I spend ages pouring over it. Something going wrong because lots of people at my school have either had big rebates or letters to say they owe money. Once I have more info from HMRC, Ill go and speak to HR.

            Not impressed. Yesterday was really blue Monday (My classroom also got flooded and 10 weeks worth of coursework was ruined). I'm feeling much better today tho :-)


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              Oh hugs! Been there and got the T shirt, floods in my classroom included. It's horrible, horrible, horrible.
              But things can only get better, can't they?????????


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                Rachael, you can definitely have some sympathy from me too

                I'm another one that PAYE failed - I too had nothing but loss in my first few days (stupid me declared my self employment as starting on 1st April, talk about April Fool!) and still had a bill to pay. Not as large as yours but still a bit of a blow as I am no longer employed. I'm just hanging on to the fact that they will probably owe me next year

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                  Quick update for you all. I'm basically a bit silly, put the wrong bit of my P60 in and actually owe them nothing YAY! I swear I will be better at this next year! Anyone else think the tax side of things is really the opposite of what we do? Numbers and making pretty things. I am seriously right brained! It took me two attempts at my G.C.S.E maths......

                  Anyway, enough waffling...Im off to celebrate with a cup of tea :-)


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                    Originally posted by rachybaby1 View Post
                    Anyway, enough waffling...Im off to celebrate with a cup of tea :-)
                    Well deserved by the sound of it .... glad it turned out to be a happy ending!
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                      Oh gosh i was panicking when I started to read this as I've just submitted my return, and then you had a happy ending! Yey!!! How long did you wait after submitting it after hearing from them? I have tried as much as possible to put in the correct figures, and (I think) the correct part from my day job earnings on the P60! I totally agree about the non- figure minded part. I HATE it!!! I actually got a D in my maths but could not have faced doing it again!!!
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                        Dee, if you did your return online, it should have should have should you your calculation and what you owe at the end. If you saved the pdf version when you completed it, the amount to pay should be on the second last page.

                        Hope this helps
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