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  • Bought a book


    I bought a book today that is supposed to help me keep track of all my reciepts/invoices etc, so that this time next year when it comes to doing my tax I'm not sitting thinking "OH, MY GOD!!!!!"

    It has a space to put week numbers in and dates for when the week starts and finishes. I'm going to backdate it to the 6th April as thats when the new tax year started, but I'm not sure how I should work my weeks. As the 6th was a Friday, should I have one short week i.e 6-8th, then start on full weeks, or should I run 6-12th and have my weeks starting on a Friday? Does it even matter?

    I'm sure there are 'official' weeks of the year, just ton't know if they apply to tax.

    Anyone any ideas?

    Thanks muchly
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    It doesn't really matter for tax purposes as long as the accounts show the whole year. From an accounts side of things it would make it easier if you had a short week 6-8th, it's always best to have your week ending on a Sunday as thats the 'usual'.

    I find it just as easy to record everything on a spread sheet as these books have a lot on them that you won't even use.
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      Thanks Em,

      That was what I figured. I already keep a spreadsheet, but I'm bad for updating it as I don't always have my 'puter with me. I figured as the book is quite thin and A4 size, it would be handy to have.

      Thanks again
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