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  • Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2009


    I am looking for a simple (and free programme) for keeping track of my book keeping.

    A couple of posts have recommended Kashflow... but it costs £15 a month and at this stage, I can't afford that.

    I have downloaded Microsoft Office Accounting Express (free)... but it look complicated! Does anyone else use it?

    Or is there anything else free I can download?



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    I think you will find that most accounting software can have a certain mount of complication top it. Do you really need to go down this route atm, would you not be better off with a spreadsheet, split into columns with auto totals at the end. The columns could be headed, materials/car expenses/ equipment/ for outgoings and income for sales.

    When you file your tax return for the first time if your turnover is below the limit, think the limit is £20K at present you only have to fill out 2 figures, outgoings and income. You have to adjust for capital expenditure but keep it as simple as possible. Sometimes these accounting software progs have invoices capital gains etc, etc and at the early stages you do not need all of this, let alone VAT returns. I have been trading since 2003 and still use a simple based system and have mad eup my own invoices, if you start off complicatied and it becomes a bind you will not keep it up to date.

    If you want help with sprreadsheets just PM me.


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      I was going to suggest a spreadsheet too,
      that's what I do, I have a column for sales, purchases - such as stock, packaging materiels etc, final value fees, paypal fees, postage costs. It seems to work quite well and I keep it uptodate as I go along
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        My OH set me up with Quicken (which you can't get anymore ) and it's served me well.
        You build it up from scratch so you choose what you want to clump together eg Money Out : materials....or tools....or office stuff.
        Money In.....costume visits etc.
        All I need for my tax return is the total of Money Out and Money In but like Carolee said I have to pull the capital expense total out (tools) because the tax man wants it in a separate box. (Then it gets added back in - doh!).
        So basically it is a spread sheet.
        It can do loads of other things like making invoices and sort out VAT and stuff which I don't use. I like my pretty invoices better and am too small for VAT.
        I love the pie charts and graphs it makes for me, though, because they are pretty and mean more to me than numbers.

        So, unless you can get hold of an old copy, the above is totally useless except to say you only need something simple.

        Did I see on Business link that there was an accounting package that tied in with the tax return form? But as that seems to change every year I could see that getting annoying.



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          I just use Microsoft Excel for mine to create a spreadsheet page, one for every month. You can use the formula button to add together the sums you put in, so you just input the figures and it does it all for you!
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            Thanks for that everyone!

            This forum is so useful!!!!

            I am using Excel spreadsheet at the moment, i just thought i should start doing it properly... but if i only need money in and money out... thats easy enough to get.

            Thank you so much.... that has saved me so much time looking for something and then trying to learn something i just don't need!


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              Thank you everyone for your advice!

              I have set up a spread sheet on excel.... so i think i'll stick with that.



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                The beauty of spreadsheets is that you can record as little as you need for your tax return, or more info if it will help you. I have my stock and materials etc on a separate sheet together with all sorts of info that I find useful to see whether I am making a profit!!


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                  I have taken your advice and created a spead sheet in Excel.... hasn't cost me anything and has all the information / calculations i need!

                  Thanks for saving me money!!


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                    just wanted to say thanks for posting this thread. I've been thinking I need to get some accounting software too, but it sounds like a spreadsheet work ok.




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                      Its worked fine. I have done a sheet for each month... all money in and all money out...formulars can add it all up for you.

                      and then a summary sheet with the totals in and out on, and its so easy to see my money in is going up each month!!! Hurrah!!!

                      If you have any problems, let me know and I can help you,