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  • Help Wanted With Legalities

    Hello everyone,
    I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct section or even if ayone out there can even help me, but here goes!
    I would love to create my own website to sell my crafts which I currently make as a hobby. People have said they would sell.
    However, I live in rented accommodation and I'm pretty sure that I would have to ask my landlord if this would be O.K, but my landlord is so nasty that I am 100% sure he would say no if I asked him and anyway it might not be possible under the terms of his mortgage for a tenant to operate a small business like this.
    So, I'm stuck. How could I solve this problem? I did have an idea about putting the address of the business as a Box Number instead of my landlord's address as the business is more or less in cyberspace and my stock is my hobby. Would this work? Would the tax office accept this when submitting returns and are they interested in whether the landlord accepts it or not, as long as they got their tax returns?
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Moving is not an option and I have no money to buy a property.

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    You could try and ask there.

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      Hi there,
      My hubby and I both run home based businesses from a rented property. Granted, our landlord knew this when he rented us the place.
      I've looked up my renting terms and mine say ' Not carry on any trade or profession upon the Property or receive paying guests'. I take this to mean you can't use the property itself as a means of doing of business - which it really isn't if you are dealing in 'cyberspace'. When I arranged my contents insurance they drew a distiction between a business where customers physically visit the property and one where it they don't.
      I really don't think Revenue and Customs are going to care.
      We have our companies registered at the address of our accountant - but we have limited companies so this might not be relevant for you.
      How about taking your rental terms along to Citizens Advice and seeing if they can help?
      Does grumpy landlord share the property with you? If not I think I'd take the risk and just go ahead!
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        Many thanks for trying to help and for your suggestions.


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          If your selfemployed is doesn't matter..

          If your using it as a business only property then you have problems as taxes etc.. a higher on the property..

          If worried you can always set up a virtual office.. It cost a little..

          I've moved 4 times and had no problems..

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            i am in a similar situation. i registered with the tax office and used my parents' place as the registered business address and my own address for postal things from the tax office. i explained my situation with them and they didnt have a problem. my letting agents have been around and can see my setup - my spare room is a studio - and didnt have anything to say. my equipment is covered under my insurance as it's part hobby/part business. i think your real problem is your landlord, not the tax office. i hope you can sort it out.
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              I'm an accounts assistant and i know that the company i work for are the registered office for many businesses, there are some that aren't ltd. I'm sure your accountant would do this for you.

              I am working tommorrow so if you want any advice (if i can get it) i'll ask my boss for you.

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