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  • Another one bites the dust

    Well thats another one that is now officially registered. The HMRC lady was very nice and said that i should talk to the job centre but i should be ok for being self employed and claiming job seekers.

    They will be sending me out a form to fill in so that i dont pay NI as the job centre pays htat. Il also get my first big form to fill out in April!! Im a bit daunted by that as my book keeping has been none existant this month as its all on my ex OHs pc! So i need to get that sorted and back on track.

    I think il attend the free course on book keeping and accounts too. I really get confused about this sort of thing and so far my accounts have been really simple, so i hope i learn a bit more!
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    Thats great,I wish you every success in you new venture.
    After looking at you website I think you will have a great year with sales and making!

    Business link offer loads of free courses and look out for others from you local council.


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      Well done you.

      Im about to fill in my self assesment form online.Im trying to delay it as long as possible.

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        I hope it goes well for you - best of luck!!

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          Good luck with it!

          Definitely go on the free courses. I went on some of them with the HMRC a few years ago. It does help.
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