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    I just used my activation info to start up my online SA.

    I did all I think I need to do but it looks like it just goes back to the government site.

    Im doing the Self Assesment form and the short form.Will I have access to both or do I need to say I need activation of the short form too.

    Im soooo confused!!

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    Once you have activated the codes, you can then access your services page and select what you want to do and what form etc from that point.


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      A word of warning (maybe a few) -

      I have just completed my online tax return YIPPEEEEE (just had to shout about that) and I too normally complete a short form. I completed the paper short form last tax year, so didn't think it was going to be any different. How wrong was I. It took me to loss adjustment pages, basically to things that I hadn't dealt with before. Four phone calls to the Inland Revenue later - voila, all done.

      What started it all off was error codes I kept getting - only to be told by IR that it was a problem their end -arrggghhhh. I spent two hours trying to fathom it out!

      In the end the last chap I spoke to at IR was most helpful and friendly and he helped me complete it.

      My advice is, if you do get errors, don't panic (as I did), just phone IR and ask for help. I'm always scared to phone them, I don't know why - they just scare me.

      After all, they are their to help you.

      Also bear in mind this was just my experience - you could have a perfect experience.

      Good luck.
      Take care

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        Im scared of phoning them too.
        If I knew the name of somebody that worked there and kept going back the them if I had questions to ask Id be ok.
        Thanks for the warning.I suppose il have to phone them one day.

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          I had a problem with the access codes for the Government Gateway site. If I remember correctly, you get given the codes in two halves and it just wouldn't let me into the system. I had to phone them two or three times before I could even log on properly and start the actual Self Assessment process!

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            Woohoooo!!! Ive Done My Online Self Assesment Form, Which Included My Business Form So Thats Done, Dusted, Never Again(well Until April Anyway) So Relieved I Could Vomit.

            Thank Goodness For My Dad Knowing All About This Stuff, I Couldnt Have Done It Without Him.

            Il Be Doing Paper Returns Next Time Though.


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              You lucky thing, I'm about a week away from finishing mine. My dad came into the shop yesterday to gently remind me I need to get everything to him pronto as he's getting snowed under now with clients leaving it til the last minute - he also told me their website keeps crashing and he's spending so much time on the phone to the InRev he feels he knows them all personally now...I swear he has far more grey hairs than last week!
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                Got to stage 3 and had to request a 'callback'....................72 hours! Roll on Wednesday!