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    we had to buy a new computer earlier in the year as our last one died
    it is used by us for all sorts of things
    but I use it for e.bay etc to sell my cards. keeping my webite and customer base up to date etc and we print things off for our cards
    can I claim some of it as business use

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    You can claim a percentage per year (not sure what exactly) as a capital assest. The biggest % you claim the first year, then a smaller % each year until it reaches its right-off value. Then you should sell it to a friend, get a receipt for next to nothing (to prove you sold it) then start again.

    There may be some special rules for computer equipment but they would probably be beneficial cos the IR try to encourage computer use. These are all listed on Inland Revenue's site which is excellent if you can wade your way through it.

    BTW - I have just upset Urbtaf (my OH) cos I just reminded him that the September deadline is looming and he needs to get his finger out.

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