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  • Does anyone know...

    Ok so excuse the rubbish description of what I'm trying to say here lol

    But... does anyone know of any websites where you can buy things that display your company name and u put it say in the centre of ur display so people know who makes the product? Sorry its been a long day and I cant think of the word lol! Just if i were to sell my jewellery through shops, so customers would know who designed it?

    If anyone understands this and knows a few sites i would greatly appreciate it!


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    Hi Joanne,
    I make my own signs using microsoft publisher. I am not very good with the computer but with a little playing about you can get it to look proffessional. If you haven't got that on your computer then any form of desktop publishing software will do the trick. Just have a play and see what you come up with. I have done this with business cards, labels, signs, leaflets and posters, they all match and it does look good to see it all out on the table.
    Hope this helps.


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      Do you use a computer Joanne (or if not have a friend who is "into" computers)? Because I find the best way has been to design my own logo and signs - print them on card and use double sided tape to display where I want them. Much cheaper than paying someone else to do it and you can always make changes too.


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        We were both obviousl typing those replies at the same time!!


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          Great minds think alike!!


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            Another idea is you could use is a template on somewhere like 'VistaPrint' for example, and instead of making it a business card put your name and handmade details etc.

            That way it could be put inside the bag or box when the item is sold, so the receiver can appreciate who made it

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              Display Stands

              You can buy clear perspex display stands into which you can put your
              poster or business card. Why not hand write or draw a sign if you are not able to make your own by computer? Some nice textured paper and matching coloured ink can look quite attractive.
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                Wow what great ideas Unfortunately I'm pretty pathetic when it comes to computers but my boyfriend is a whizz with them and also quite artistic so I might talk nicely to him! lol I was thinking I'd have to pay out all kinds of money! Thanks for helping me out



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                  You should really stay away from VistaPrint, shoppping with them can cause you all sorts of problems :-( (Google it)
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                    The perspex stands are great and will make something printed off the computer look more professional. You can get them to put a sign or mini-poster in, and you can get little ones as business card holders. Look in your local Staples or Office World or similar, they have quite a selection.
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