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How much should I charge for writing a craft tutorial?

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  • How much should I charge for writing a craft tutorial?

    Hi, I've been approached by another small business who have asked if I'd be interested in writing some craft tutorials for their business. I am really keen to do this but have no idea how much to charge or how much they might offer - and if they state the price first then I'd at least like an idea of what is a reasonable amount to expect?! I really have no idea! I will be writing the tutorial and doing the craft at the same time so that I can add good photographs to it. They will be wanting more than 1 tutorial. What do you think? Thanks x

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    Hello Vikki, Congratulations on your commission.
    As for charges, I really have no idea, but I would have thought that an absolute rock bottom starting point would be the national minimum wage of £7.50 per hour for your time. Any use of equipment, travel, cost of materials, power costs etc would have to be added.
    Good luck with it, and do pop in with an update every now and again.



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      I got approached by an American magazine to make some bags and write a tutorial, they paid me £75 this included a 4 page spread of images and links to my website. Had to send the bags to them for photographs but they paid for everything.


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        An idea is not bad at all. I am sure you will succeed with this idea