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  • Setting up business

    I'm planning to set up a business with selling crafts even though I haven't sold any before!
    I mainly do cards (and cross-stitch cards) but I also do beading and am planning to expand.
    Firstly what things do you sell what should I expand to doing I'll try anything!
    Also what should my company name be, I want to be able to sent out business cards with every order so I need a name.
    Any help would be greatly recieved.
    If you have any more tips for setting up please let me know.
    Many Thanks

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    Hi Caz,
    My first piece of advice would be to decide what you want to sell and how you would like to sell it. Are you going to sell on the web? there are a few options like getting your own website or selling on places like Etsy or Ebay. Or are you going to sell at craft fairs or in shops?
    Then I suggest getting in touch with your local business link they have great advisers there that can help you with all aspects of getting set up. I don't know what I would do without my adviser David he's been a diamond the last two years.
    There are loads of threads about starting a craft business here take a good hunt around for more ideas.
    Anice xx
    Funkyhand x
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