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  • Have you gone from hobby to business?

    Reading through the various posts, many of you seem to have turned a hobby into a business. I have done much the same, I always painted for a hobby and now sell my art as a business. The road was littered with obstacles that I had to get over both pysically and mentally.

    I have however always got inspiration from others who have made the same journey, even if they were better at it then me , and so some weeks ago I had the idea of putting together a book of some sort that would set out how people have turned their hobby into a business, and thus inspire others.

    Now I am not promising anything, but if anyone here has done this and would like to share their experiences in print I would love to hear from you. I have devised a series of questions that just need answers in your own words and this in then laid out over a few pages. Questions include your inspiration,the difficulties having to work from home (if you do), making an income, selling your work etc. etc.

    I would also like to hear whether you think the idea has legs or not, all opinions welcomed.

    Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

    Even the best of us make mistakes!

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    I think its a fantastic idea. Given the amount of posts on here that start with the question of 'how to start selling my work', there seems to be an audience for this type of info.
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      Sounds good...that's kind of why I started my blog and you'd be amazed how many people are interested (especially in my case because at times it borders on self obsessed nonsense!).
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        Brill idea, i think it's needed to answer those questions that others ask and you wish you had asked it - if you know what i mean...
        Ill do a questionaire, not been trading for long as CBB but iv always ran my own business in another area.
        x Maria



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          It sounds like a good idea to me too, I think hobbies are an insight to our hearts and I agree its truly inspirational to hear about people who've followed their dream of making a living from what they love

          Dont think I have enough experience yet to take part though, I know what inspired me to have the courage to try but I'm only just starting out trying to turn my hobby into my business and have always worked for someone else so I know I have a long road ahead...

          ...but put me down for a discounted copy once its in print eh?!?!

          Good luck with it
          Shaz x
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            What a fab idea !! I love reading other people's experiences in this sort of area and wish there had been a book around when I first started out (although this forum has been brilliant !)

            I'd be more than happy to fill out one of your questionnaires for you.
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              definitly a good idea. I too paint, hopefully photography will be added to that too! ( had some great advice about photography from another forum member!)

              I am in the middle of setting up a site, it wont be up for a bit yet, as I have lots of bits to sort out still!

              But its so exciting & rewarding being able to make a living (or at least some pocket money! fingers crossed) from doing something that we enjoy.

              Sometimes what we say is not what we mean & what we mean is not what we say - that's why I paint!

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                Yep - I'll answer a questionnaire for you!
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                  You can count me in too on the questionnaire front.



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                    Thanks for all the replies so far.

                    I am just finalising the questions so hopefully these will be ready and available pretty soon. I can give a bit more information about my plans for the book. It will be A5 size and have somewhere between 12 and 18 stories on how people have gomne from hobby to business.

                    I have a couple of possible titles, perhaps you could let me know which one you prefer, or your own suggestion

                    'My hobby, my business!' or 'From kitchen table to workplace'

                    I'll keep you posted on progress.

                    Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

                    Even the best of us make mistakes!


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                      Well, sort of, I just haven't really set up yet but thats my aim!


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                        We all have dreams and I for one would really value any advice. I'm in a position of having to earn a minimum wage and I'm at the point of resenting the time out of my day spent at work LOL! So please, do write that book and I'm happy to awnser any questionaaire.


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                          gret idea i started card and jewellery making as a hobby or to sell to family and friends however i put my name sticker on all goods and get phone calls for orders this way and i also go to the local bingo and sell a lot there , dianne


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                            This sounds like a great idea, id be willing to fll in questionaire too!

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                              All the questions have now been written and i'm now just fine tuning so I am pretty sure that I will be able to get the ball rolling early next week. Could still do with a few more people.

                              The reason behind this is to set out the reasons why people go from a hobby to a business, their highs and lows, the problems they encounter and how these were overcome, above all the book is aimed at being an inspiration to others by reading about how others have done it. I will also include a section about taxes and a few other bits and pieces that people thinking about the jump from hobby to business will find relevant.

                              Each person whose story is featured will also have their website/contact details and products included as well if required.

                              Remember a long road is best travelled with plenty of breaks.

                              Even the best of us make mistakes!