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  • Advice or information on opening a Bead Shop

    Hello my name is Vicky and I'm new to the forum. I came across the forum trying to find information or advice on opening a Bead Shop. I make jewellery and cards as a hobby. I'm a full time mum for my 11 month old but looking to go back to work next year. I would love to open a Bead Shop where people could come in and sit down to make jewellery and could also sell some of my jewellery. I'm from Jersey and we currently don't have a shop so I have to get beads online. My problem is I don't know where to start or if it will be worth it. Any advice would be great, thanks

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    Vicky. Nice to see you here. I can't help with your request but someon e will be on later that can.
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      Hello and welcome :-)

      I think the first thing to do would be to draft a business plan so you have an idea of how much the business will cost to set up and then run. Once you have a handle on the costs, you can then look at what you would charge customers in order to make a profit. You'll also need to consider who your shop will be aimed at (kids where you can do jewellery parties? teens? 50+ ladies who lunch who can do a course? or do you just want people to come in off the street?) and how you will market it to let those customers know where you are.

      Business Link is a good place to start with some of the basics:
      Liz aka bigbirdlittlebird


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        to the forum - it sounds like an exciting venture.
        Lucy Blossom
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          On Jersey you could probably do well capitalising on the holiday trade - devise a way to get people to make a bracelet as their holiday souvenir - leaflets in hotels etc - great activity for a wet afternoon
          be aware though that having a bricks and mortar establishment is a 24/7 commitment - or at least most of the time, and that could be tricky with a youngster. That needs thinking about more even than going back to a 'normal' job.
          More than ever, opening any b&M shop is a risk. Think hard but also think about opening in time to catch next summer's holiday season if you are prepared for some very hard work and spending some dosh to get started. Good luck if you go ahead but also if you decide it would not be viable - that is just as brave a decision.


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            I would imagine on jersey, you would be better aimed at the holiday trade, as it is probably very quiet out of season.
            Why not think, as they say, out of the box, at alternatives to a full time shop.

            How about these ideas, just off the top of my head.
            Why not approach hotels. Any that have a reasonable number of kids visiting, may let you have a few morning workshops within the hotel during the season.
            Why not get a gazebo, and get permission to set up a workshop on a beach in the summer. There are already various play centres around which are placed on beaches and keep young kids highly amused for a while.
            What about the various tourist attractions. Would any of them allow you a few tables in a quiet corner.

            For the hotels and tourist attractions it may be very worthwhile, because if they are interested, they may even give you some free advertising, as a part of their own promotions

            It was just a few thoughts. You are in a lovely place, so why not try and take advantage of it.



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              Thanks so much for all your kind replies, I found them very helpful. I will take them all on board and think there is some great ideas you have suggested. I have a lot to think about. Will keep you posed if I do take the plunge and will keep visiting the forum as I think it's great. Thanks guys


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                Vicky I used to have a 'real' craft shop and switched back to online only when we decided to start a family. Have to say personally I wouldn't have been able to run the shop with my toddler in tow (let's just say he's a lively one ) and even running an online shop isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Maybe keep the shop idea on the back burner for when your little one is at nursery/school and explore those workshop ideas further, it sounds like they could be a winner (and a great way to gauge how popular that bead shop could be) and you could plan the times to fit in with your life as a mum.

                Good luck and look forward to hearing how your idea progresses
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                  Hi Vicky!
                  welcome to the forum!
                  i am also in Jersey and know there are no real bead shops here.....I like you, have a dream to open one, but day job and finances (and the shocking rents here in Jersey) prevent me from taking it further.
                  what craft fair are you doing soon? Xx
                  Sarah x

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