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Tips and advice please - starting slowly!

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  • Tips and advice please - starting slowly!

    Hi there

    Am new to this site and really looking for some help starting up a small craft business. I've been making things - mostly wall hangings, kids name banners, hair accessories, etc for a while but really just for my family and close friends. Recently I've been getting asked to make things for friends of family and friends and people looking to buy, so I feel the time has come to start thinking a bit more professionally. I would love to think about doing craft fairs later in the year, and would really like to set up a business facebook page to sell from and have a point of contact, give this little enterprise a name, etc. I want to start off small as have hands full with kids, so would like to take it at my own pace - but really not sure where to start!!
    I was wondering if anyone had any tips to give me for getting started or could point me in the right direction as to where I could get more information? I would love to just go and set up a facebook business account right now but have a feeling that there might be legal/insurance type stuff I have to do first. Or what I'm supposed to do in terms of tax stuff. And can I just pick a name for this little business and start using it?! As this will probably be a slow grower, I just don't know what is required of me. Am itching to get going but want to tick all the right boxes!!!

    Paula x

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    Hi Paula

    there are quite a lot of posts on this forum about this topic that you will finusefullyll, best thing is to is have a look here they have all the info and if you need any advise they are verhelpfulll on the phone, also your local council may be able to help, when i first started i had some help from the Welsh Assembly, good luck Andrew


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      I'd also recommendd googling for thedesigntrust as they have lots of really useful information for small crafty businesses covering everything to do with starting up.

      Good luck.
      Janet Paske
      Craft Finder

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        Good luck with your new venture and I am sure if you have as much enthusiasm as your post suggests then I am sure that you will do well.
        Start slowly and show your designs to family and friends asking for honest feed back on your goods and look around for local craft fairs and shows where you may be able to take a stall to see which of your products are popular.
        I started making handmade jewellery about 8 years ago and I have done everything from craft fairs, large shows, permanent shops and now I only sell online but that is the direction I wanted my handmade jewellery business to go.
        There is so much more information out there and any of the legal bodys that you may have to deal with are always helpful
        Good luck
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