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Coffee and Craft shop..2 B or Not!!!!

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  • Coffee and Craft shop..2 B or Not!!!!

    Hi all,

    i am new to this site and wish i'd found you ages ago!!!

    i have been crafting for 20 years and never tire from all the things that can be done...

    i have been running a knit n stitch night at my house for the last year and was recently told that i should consider opening a craft shop which would also sell coffee and host workshops

    I have always dreamed of having my own shop but not sure this would be of interest to people.

    What are your thoughts on this? and do you think it's a good idea?

    your advice and suggestions would be most appreciated

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    On the face of it, it sounds fab

    May have to think about kids/no kids aspect though.....if you see what I mean....?

    I have dreams of a craft shop meself....... *sighs and wanders off dreaming agin*


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      A friend and I had thought about doing this and we even got to the stage of looking for suitable properties but she had just had her third child and we weren't ready to do it - maybe one day!!
      By the way I think it's a great idea!
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        I'm currently trying to work on this idea but think will have to drop the coffee bit as premises I am sharing don't have a v suitable kitchen ( but I will include coffee etc in workshop session. I don't want to give up valuable crafting space/time, but if you can find suitable premises I think your idea is great.


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          I love the idea of having my own shop one day. Someplace where you could buy all sorts of handmade items, not just my jewellery as I think that would be too restricting.

          Don't think I'd want a coffee shop as well though, too much additional work in my opinion.


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            I seen my dream shop in Mevagissey, Cornwall. It was a Hairdressers (which i am) and a Crafts shop all in one.

            I stood in front of the shop dreaming! Hubby said "If we won the lottery that week he would of asked them to sell it!" He knew dam well that wouldnt happen - crafty b!

            Though crafting shop and cafe sounds good to me, just wish had the monies to do it.
            x Maria



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              I think its a great idea. I would certainly drop in.

              Have to say I also agree that Mevagissey would be a fab place too, right down on the harbour although it does blow a bit chilly in winter and I've seen them sweeping out the shops from the high tides but I think I could live with that just for the peace and beauty.




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                I love the idea also. Combining my fav hobbies coffee drinking and craft shopping.... ooh my family wouldnt see me for dust
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                  Originally posted by Sticky Glitter Hands View Post

                  May have to think about kids/no kids aspect though.....if you see what I mean....?
                  You could always have one-off activites just for kids in the school hols. But I agree it would be a bit mad with kids and adults. Plus would there be h&s regs with having childrens activities?

                  Great idea BTW.
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                    They have book shops/coffee shops, why not craft 'n coffee?

                    I always wanted a coffee shop/restaurant combined with a crafty shop, all my hobbies could then come together - drinking and making jewellery..... or rather cooking and making jewellery (with an occasional drink?)

                    I think it is a wonderful idea


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                      where i live we have a few coffee/craft shops and they do really well
                      while i knit i think




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                        OMG I think that would be like the best shop EVER! Youve got to make it all cosy with sofas n things, like central perk. I would so say go for it, but i obviously dont know the ins and outs of the financial state of things. Oh Im so excited for you!
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                          Fantastic idea, in fact it is mine and my hubby's dream. He's told me in a couple of years and after lots of saving for a rainey day we can look into it and get a business plan together, although last year we did seriously consider going ahead and doing it as I found the perfect venue with living accomodation as well and a little garden!

                          I would run the bead shop and do the workshops and he would run the cafe. We have even discussed Cornwall several times.

                          Now I'm dreaming and starring out the window when I should be doing my work and I mean my real work, my 9-5 when all I think about is what gorgeous piece of jewellery I'm going to make when I get home


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                            I love this idea too and daydreamed about it - after all there are coffee and pottery painting shops. How do you go about setting up a business plan though, when you don't know how popular it's going to be.

                            We're all bound to love the idea!! It's not as though we like crafting after all? hehe

                            Claire x


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                              Sighhhhh.......I'm going to be a realist now, not a dream buster.

                              It sound lovely and cosy running your workshops from home. You already know what amount of income you can get from doing that, and the benefit is, that it is all profit.

                              Opening a shop can change the status from 'nice and cosy' to having to constantly drum up enough business to cover your overheads

                              Even a small shop could be rental of £5k pr year, you rates would be 50% on top, plus you HLP and insurance. You're soon up to having costs of £10k to cover before you make any money.

                              I'm not saying don't consider it, I'm just saying think of how much more work you have to do to make the same profit as working from home

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