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  • business name help please


    i wonder if you could give me some feedback on my business name and tagline, love one ive picked but wondering if should have more reference to what i spe******e in which is vintage jewellery and bridal accessories - with few newer pieces

    something old, something new ...

    any other sugestions, subtle changes would be welcomed

    many thanks

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    Hi and to the forum.

    I did a quick google search for Gertie's and on page 1 I found a company called Dirti Gerties who deal with pre-loved clothes and accessories particularly for weddings. I think because what you're doing is in a similar field it could be a bit of a problem.
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      hi natty netty
      thank you for the warm welcome and advice, have already spoken with an business advisor as i noticed dirty gerti also but isnt a problem as not an identical business name. think choosing a suitable business name is harder than writing the business plan


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        Just a bit worried that some of your potential customers could end up there by mistake - they google gerties, see their website and think 'aha that must be the one' and you've lost them. Like you said in your first post maybe make more of a reference to what you sell so those potential customers who click on dirti gertie will know straight away they've gone to the wrong place and keep looking.

        I think you're right about how tough choosing a name is, I went with my nickname and with hindsight I'd definitely have put a more descriptive word in there so people knew what it was and also to make it more search engine friendly
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          oh i understand what you mean now, i have set my heart on having gertie in my business name though to honour my gran who i adored

          other names/taglines have thought are :

          miss gertie
          dear gertie

          tagline - vintage jewellery and bridal accessories


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            I love miss gertie it has that vintage feel about it
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              I agree with nattynetty on the whole but to me Gertie doesn't give the image as something nice. It definately wouldn't make me think of anything pretty or to do with bridal wear. I know my opinion doesn't count but there could be other potential customers who think like me too.


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                Hi and welcome to the forum

                I like the name Miss Gertie but do see what others are saying, maybe if you add something like beautiful vintage etc. to your tagline you are softening up the perception of your company and image.

                Follow your heart and you wont go wrong ..... and what helps for me is to sleep on the name until it feels right

                Good luck


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                  What about 'Miss Gertie's Vintage' or 'Vintage Miss Gertie' - Beautiful Jewellery & Bridal Accessories
                  Sarah x

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                    Originally posted by Loody View Post
                    'Vintage Miss Gertie' - Beautiful Jewellery & Bridal Accessories
                    Oooh I like
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                      I do think the expanded names sound better but then you have to think what you are going to say when you answer the phone. You can answer a shortened version such as "miss Gerties". Now think about the domain name and email address. Would you shorten this to or is it available?


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                        thank you everyone for your input

                        natty netty .. I LOVVVVVE *vintage miss gertie*
                        will sleep on it and most probably order logo in that name if available
                        thank you so much xx


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                          Originally posted by gertie's View Post
                          natty netty .. I LOVVVVVE *vintage miss gertie*
                          Me too but I can't take the credit as Loody came up with it

                          Can't wait to hear updates on how Vintage Miss Gertie is progressing and I just know if you have any questions along the way there'll always be someone on here willing and able to help
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                            The domain name is available, so it the .com version. The is much cheaper and I think its far more appropriate to have a domain name if you are British! Good luck, keep us posted.


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                              Another vote here for Vintage Miss Gertie! I think it sounds sweet and memorable, and will be the only thing to show in the top search results I'm sure

                              About the tagline, I like something old something new, but I don't like elipses at the end - it makes it look a bit sinister almost
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