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  • Setting up and benefits

    Hi I'm thinking of starting up a little craft business, onfacebook and craft fairs, esty too. I make plaques from mdf wood bunting etcand beaded items, bracelets. Want to start selling them now but I'm worried I'll set up with hmrc and my benefits and our small help with housing will be affected. I don't mind if I make more money out of doing this but what if I set up ten don't make ends meet.
    Will my benefits be affected while I'm setting up, making minumun cash?

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    Hi there - that all very much depends on how many hours you'll be doing and how much you'll earn, which of course you don't know until you start selling on a regular basis. Maybe give the people at your local Housing Benefit office a call?
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      I think it would depend on the type of benefit you are getting. If you are getting jobseekers allowance I think they would say that you are not available for work if you are working for yourself.

      If you have registered as self-employed then I think you will be okay as long as you tell the benefits agency. They will probably want you to do a balance sheet every week/month/six months/whatever and they will consider then if they have overpaid you in beneifts and you will have to pay back any overpayment.

      I think you will find that you make very little money, if any, to begin with. I have learnt that the setting up costs are very expensive. Don't forget that your expenses come off any profit before it is counted as income. With the cost of diesel what it is, I will probably make a loss just because of the cost of travel.
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        I'm on JSA and also the work programme. I'm at the last bits of setting up my business - hopefully have a business bank account by the end of next week, then can get insurance sorted and register with HMRC.

        When I asked the job centre, from what I understand. Depending on the hours you're doing, they'll view you in one of two camps. First one is the less of the cut off hours to completely sign off JSA and declare earnings. Can still claim but they'll let you earn so much first then deduct pro rata after that. Then the second one is to come off JSA completely and switch to working tax credit. (I'm a single parent, so know that eventually I'll hopefully come off JSA and go onto working tax credits).

        Certainly I'll be claiming back setting off costs first before I'm getting an income. Certainly cost a bit more that I expected, but not too much.


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          Being self-employed and in receipt of welfare benefits/ tax credits can get complicated. I'd really recommend getting independent advice from a citizens advice bureau (search for citizens advice bureau on google) or other independent advice agency (search for adviceUK on google) about each of the benefits/ credits you are receiving before you start earning, if you can. You should be able to find a local agency you could visit, or perhaps someone you could call.

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