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Can't think of a name! HELP!!!

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  • Can't think of a name! HELP!!!

    Hi there all! Am hoping you can help me before I tear my own hair out in frustration. I am wanting to have a go at selling a few little crafty bits and bobs that I make after quite a successful try at a school Christmas Fair. I can't think of a blooming name though, which means I can't begin to promote or look at using sites like Etsy or Folksy to sell etc!!! Basically, I'm making lots of different brooches, headbands, rings, bags etc which have a flower on made from old fabric and a button. I didn't know whether to go for something connected with the 'button' and the 'bloom' idea, or whether to go for something which contained an upcycling or recycling theme, or the handmade idea. Or the other idea would be to go with a more general name meaning I could 'branch out' in the future (assuming success!) and go for a nickname or important name to me like Little Miss Wiggle/Miss Wiggle Makes etc or the fact that making these things are my little moments of sanity!<BR>That's a lot of waffle and you can see how cluttered my mind is!!! I'm desperate to get cracking but this seems to be a huge stumbling block at the moment.<BR>HHHEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP!

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    definately go for a name that will allow you to expand. for me, having a restrictive name has been costly in time, and effort over the years.

    Basically I started out as a jewellery designer but now have dozebns of bows to my name that I would have never thought possible when i started out.
    Flexibility is much safer in the long run.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      ​I quite like 'Buttons and Blooms' to be honest
      Sarah x

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        Miss Wiggle is a very cute name but to be honest, I can't see it as a name for a larger concern which we are all hoping you will finally become. Maybe something just as catchy but a little more 'grown-up" as an 'umbrella' name and use the Miss Wiggle within that. Don't ask me what. lol. I will give it some thought. I quite like Button and Bloom too. You could use the ad slogan "Button up with a Bloom from Miss Wiggle" perhaps.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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            Have you written your ideas down? When racking our brains for names (we've done it several times) I got a piece of A4 paper and filled it with ideas.
            You then cross out the ridiculous ones. Some words make you thing of 'wrong' or naughty things
            Then you choose your favourites.
            Then you get disappointed as you check them on the web and find someone else has nabbed your idea first.
            Then you end up with THE NAME.
            Unless you are my DIL who has just changed her mind (after setting up her website) and is causing chaos and confusion all around her .


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              I have decided on the name I want my business I'm going to go with. It was between one of two names and the only difference between them was 'crafty' or 'busy'. Decided to go with the 'busy' as it gives me more scope in the future.

              What about going with something based round your nickname as then it'll give you more scope in the future. Like others have said, have a play round with the words that you would like to use and see what you can come up with based around the word(s) you would like to use.


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                In my book there is only one name to use when you start out and that is your own, used Fred Snoggrass potter or woodcarver or what ever. The reasons are
                1.Flexibility otherwise you grow out of the name as you develop your product
                2.People understanding that you are the head honcho
                3.Keeping that name so no one else can have it
                4.What ever you do its going to be handmade YOU are the story
                5.One day you might progress to artist craftsman Bernard Leach didn't open a business called Pots R Us did he?
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