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  • Trademarking a logo

    Hi all I know this has been brought up before but I just wanted to check. In the new year I want to get my zukiestyle dog image printed onto fabrics and I really wanted to get it trademarked. After looking into this the price seems so much. And that doesn't even cover you for outside UK. So if someone wanted to use it from say, China they could. I'm sure I already know the answer and you can't but apart form the IPO is there another way to do this?
    Dee x
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    As far as I know you have to go through the IPO, I know you probably already know this but be careful about companies that purport to be an 'official' way to copyright/trademark etc. your designs for x amount of money. I know your 2D designs are automatically protected by copyright, it's just a case of proving that they're yours if you had a dispute, but I don't know how it works outside the UK.
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