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  • Any advice for a new starter

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone had any tips and tricks they wish they knew when they were starting off.... i have a shed load of stock (all itemised and in an inventory)

    i have also managed to secure some big markets coming up including brick lane, nettles & a few one offs in Peterborough.

    I think i have all of my "books" in order, i have detailed all of my expenditure to date including travel to and from these places so i know my break even point...

    the product im selling will only have a short window of interest (whilst its cold as i sell winter clothing)..

    Any advice would be awesome!
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    Don't have a shed load of stock .
    The Annie me started with a basketful of stuff and grew (4 tents at last count) and has always been in the black/profit. ( )
    The Anna me started over confidently with half a shed load of stock (at the begining of the recession ) and has really struggled . 3 years later I think I'll cross over from red to black around Xmas time. ( )
    Good job Annie is my day job .

    Someone said something wise on another thread. People don't always buy the things you like best.
    Annie listens and makes what's asked for.
    Anna bought from others things she liked. Some were good guesses and what are bringing in the money. Others were way off beam and sit in my shed forlorn and dejected.

    You say your stuff is seasonal. Not necessarily so. Remember people going on holiday. Where are the wooly walking socks you need in August for your holiday in Iceland?
    Where are the bikinis in midwinter for your holiday in South Africa? Or in my case Chile! The internet is a boon in these circumstances.

    Markets and fairs - I don't think there's an easy answer. Try all sorts and don't care when you've made a mistake. Grit your teeth and carry on. Repeat the successes.
    That is something that's working well 3 years on. I'm begining to be able to predict how much I'll take at each fair. I still do a couple of wild cards/long shots a year, just in case. Sometimes they open up another avenue and sometimes they are a dead loss but I'd never have know if I hadn't tried.