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want to start a craft("taggy") business online

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  • want to start a craft("taggy") business online

    Hello, i am new here and just wanted a bit of advice,im a full time mum and pregnant with my second. i was thinking of starting up a shop online with "taggys" and sock monkeys, as im a full time mum but would like to bring some money into the home and thought it would be a nice way to do a job but at the same time be at home with the baby aswell, instead of going out working and leaving her!

    the only problem is i have NO idea where to start in the sense of what exactly do i do?
    do i have to tell the tax man? i have seen on here a few answers and that so sorry for sounding thick.
    and i heard something about you have to be really careful with "taggys" online, alot of people are getting told off or something :S is that due to copyright?
    can i get the items saftey checked before selling them? if you know what i mean?
    where can i set up a website? any recommendations?
    can i sell on Ebay? if i only made a few products?

    i have been thinking about this for a few months now, and testing out products etc! just want to know where to start!

    thank you in advance for any information you can give me!

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    not sure if i can do this - mods may remove , but have you looked at mums club?
    great advice for your situation


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      with regards to the tax man (as we are a new company as well) you dont need to charge VAT until you reach £73,000 per year. for me i started selling on folksy, etsy and mudpool before we set up our own site ( ) how ever i wouldn't go near ebay as there is so much other stuff cheaper that it de values your makes!

      as for getting told off for copyright, i think you need to do a bit of research to see what it is that has been copyrighted? is it the whole idea or can you change them to make them more unique to you?

      hope this has helped.



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        Hi Robyn,
        You can hang around and people will pop up to answer your questions
        all the answers to your questions are here in older posts on this forum.
        So, one by one, copy a key word or phrase from each question and drop it in the search box at the top of this page and that will bring up the latest threads on that subject.
        If you want to find out more there will be a whole load of related threads listed at the bottom of the page.
        Have fun.


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          Originally posted by Zfarley1 View Post
          with regards to the tax man (as we are a new company as well) you dont need to charge VAT until you reach £73,000 per year.
          Yep you can put VAT completely out of your mind but you would still need to inform the tax man and register as self employed within 1 month of selling anything otherwise you risk getting a fine (the Inland Revenue do trawl through ebay, etsy etc checking on sellers). If you contact the InRev (or Business Link) they may have some workshops running in your area that would cover all the basics you'd need to know regarding starting out.
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            You will also need to comply with the regulations for making and selling toys, so check with your local trading standards office re the requirements and labelling etc