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should i put my home address?

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  • should i put my home address?

    Hi all, I am in the process of turning my hobby into a small business, I have registered with the relevant authorities etc. I'm currently sorting out the paperwork I will need to sell my items i.e. sales invoices, receipts etc. and was just my business will be run from home will I have to put my home address on the paperwork or could I use a p.o box?
    Or do I even need to put an address, could I just put email and phone number instead? Any help or advice would be great.

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    If you're setting up a website to sell your items it must, in order to comply with DSR, provide an actual physical address (not a PO Box) where people can send letters.

    Given that, and the fact that I don't have a shop, office, storage unit or anywhere else, I have used my home address on my own stationery. And I do also say on my website that the address is for correspondence use only and customer visits are not permitted.

    Hope that helps


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      As Sarah said you must have a full UK address on your website etc not a po box plus a landline, most people will not buy from a site where they do not know how to contact you or where you are. Again I have used my home address for years and never had a problem.


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        As others have said, you do need to put your own address, on websites, stationery, invoices etc etc.....

        People do seem reluctant to do this, I guess out of fear of burglary etc, but IMO, I don't think many burglars will target small crafts businesses, I think they'd be more likely to have their own sources of 'good places to nick stuff from'!!

        I have my home address on my website, & I've never had anyone turn up thinking I'm a retail shop, as I make it clear it's not a retail premises, just a 'studio' (spare room)

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          Yes, it's fine to use your home address in all paperwork for the authorities, and as others have said, you have to have it on your website.


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            Yeah, I think I've been the same as most people's replies here - I use my home address as it is a form of correspondence, and more importantly, a place for cheques and payments to come to!
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